6/25(土),26(日)M’s SELECTION VOL.1 ANALOG SELECT TIME ANALOG試聴会 / M’S SELECTION VOL.1 ANALOG SELECT TIME, a demonstration in which you can listen the sound of our AP-0, will be held on Sat. 25 Jun. & Sun. 26 Jun. 2022.

Exhibitions centering on analog-related products will be held on June 25th (Sat) and June 26th (Sun) at H.A.L.3.

At the related party event, we will thoroughly explain the secret story of the birth of AP-0 and the charm of the player.

Saturday, June 25, 13: 00-14: 50
Player AP-0 created by MADE IN JAPAN technology

Demonstrator: Yuki Precision Co., Ltd. President Jun Nagamatsu


6月25日(土) 一部13:00~14:50
MADE IN JAPANの技術が生み出すプレイヤーAP-0

デモンストレーター:(株)由紀精密 取締役社長 永松 純