YouTube Stereo Sound ONLINEより、AP-01の動画が公開となりました / A video of the AP-01 has been released on YouTube Stereo Sound ONLINE.

A video of the AP-01 has been released on YouTube Stereo Sound ONLINE.

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Yukiseimitsu, a precision engineering company, has been garnering attention for its innovative style and mechanisms in the world of analog record players. The AP-01, their latest creation, goes beyond mere audio considerations. It emphasizes principles from the perspective of mechanical engineering—an approach rarely seen among traditional audio manufacturers. In a recent video, audio critic Yoshio Obara, who had been accompanied by his faithful record player for a decade, shares his emotional journey as he parts ways with it. He delves into the allure of the AP-01, a device that has piqued his curiosity due to its unique design and mechanics.

Midway through the video, we meet Jun Nagamatsu, the Managing Director of Yukiseimitsu, who oversaw every aspect of the AP-01 project—from conceptualization to design and development. Nagamatsu sheds light on the creative process that led to the unconventional mechanisms within the AP-01 and provides detailed insights into its workings.

The AP-01 breaks free from conventional norms in analog turntable design. Watching this video, you’ll likely discover that your own preconceptions no longer hold true.


YouTube Stereo Sound ONLINEより、AP-01の動画が公開となりました。



独創的なスタイルと機構で注目を集め始めた由紀精密のアナログレコードプレーヤー AP-01。オーディオ的な考察だけでなく、機械工学という観点における原理原則を重視したその設計は、従来のオーディオメーカーにはみられなかったアプローチ。今回の動画では、そんなAP-01の佇まいに興味を持ち、10年間連れ添ったレコードプレーヤーをリプレイスすることになったオーディオ評論家 小原由夫氏に、自身の心情の変化を交えながら、本機の魅力を語っていただく。

動画の中盤以降では、AP-01の企画から設計、そして開発まで、プロジェクトのすべてを指揮した由紀精密 取締役社長の永松 純氏を招いて、どのような発想で独創的な機構にたどり着いたのか、そしてそのメカニズムについて詳細を語っていただいた。