4/3刊行 季刊誌アナログ VOL.83 にて最高峰のGold Awardを獲得しました / Gold Award for the AP-01 at analog Grand Prix 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our audio masterpiece, the AP-01, has achieved the pinnacle of recognition: the Gold Award at the analog Grand Prix
2024, hosted by the specialized audio magazine “analog” (published on April 3rd 2024).
This achievement is a proof to the unwavering support from all of you who championed the AP-01. Thank you sincerely.

The previous turntable, the AP-0, which took two and a half years of the development and obtained the analog Grand Prix 2021 Special Award, now, the
AP-01, the new model, we have finally attained the highest accolade.

“What does it mean to mechanically function a turntable correctly?”

This design concept posed a challenge to us – an engineering team with no prior experience in audio development.
Drawing inspiration from precision craftsmanship in fields like aerospace and medical device technology, we set out to explore the challenge. The AP-01 is the result, a realization of our vision.
We are deeply grateful for this recognition.

This award will serve us as renewed motivation and encouragement to continue to strive for greater heights and to evolve into even better products.

We eager to discover the harmonious resonance between your audio systems and the AP-01, which would create a new world of sound, and also a shared passion for music.

このたび「AP-01」はオーディオ専門誌「analog」(4月3日発行)主催のanalog Grand Prix 2024にて、最高峰のGold Awardを獲得しました。これも一重に、AP-01を応援して頂いた皆様のお陰です。

二年半の開発を経て完成した前身のAP-0ではanalog Grand Prix 2021特別賞を受賞、そして、昨年発売した新型機AP-01にて遂に最高評価を頂くことが叶いました。