AP-01がフランスのクラシック音楽誌「Diapason」、「13Maillons de reve (夢の13製品)」の1つに選ばれました / AP-01 is selected as one of the “13 Maillons de reve” of the French music magazine Diapason

Diapason magazine, since 68 years of its creation, has been a reliable source of information for classical music lovers, as well as for audiophiles in France. We are honored to be featured in such a prestigious magazine.

The AP-01 is designed to carefully convert the minute information carved in the grooves of a record onto the needle without missing a thing, and to carefully convert it into electric current.

Our “aspiration” is to share the beauty and joy of music across time and borders, and to be an entity that connects people’s hearts and minds.


「Diapason magazine」は創刊68年に渡り、フランスのクラシック音楽愛好家にとって信頼性の高い情報源として多くの方に親しまれています。このような格式高い雑誌に掲載いただけたことを光栄に思います。